Typpn are almost exclusively Pirates, or “Servants of the Princess of Waves.” Sailors of the high seas whose bodies are slender and agile, lending themselves very well to climbing the rigging.

Outside of their religion, Typpn society revolves around seafaring and the various skills and trades involved therein. When a Typpn, male or female, comes of age they must prove themselves worthy of their race. They are given a small skiff, a dagger, and a sextant. They are given the name of an island, and it is up to the young Typpn to find and return to their home Galleon within a year’s time.

To Captain your own Galleon, not only puts you in a position of high stature in Typpen Culture, but is also a position of high religious responsibility. A Captain is essentially the equivalence of a mayor or governor, commander of the vessel, and priest all rolled into one.

Typpn are very friendly with their Treekin cousins, obviously for their navagational needs. The Squatto however, they are more amused by. Whenever given the chance, they will openly toy with them and mock them. Although never truly vicious, they do feel a superiority over the small, stumpy creatures…and most other races for that matter.


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