When life first crawled on land, the stories go, four brothers stood on unsteady legs and looked around for shelter. One brother promptly returned to the ocean that had birthed him. One brother sought safety inland, where there was food and water to drink. One brother hid in the cliffs and caves, where it was warm and only light could grant power. The last brother climbed up into the trees, where he could see all who approached him.

The last brother represents the Treekin, a stunted race that are primarily found on islands with a lush forest. Their cities are made of houses and platforms within the tallest branches of the trees, connected with tightropes and vines.

Being so close to the sky, the Treekin were the first to map the stars, and therefore the first to discover the possibilities of celestial navigation. Because of this, there isn’t a single sailor or pirate that doesn’t hold the Treekin’s knowledge with reverence and respect. This makes their services quite invaluable, resulting in at least one Treekin shop in every major port, on every major island.


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