The Squatto are a surly race that reside in the caves of mountainous islands. They don’t sail, they don’t climb trees, they don’t do much of anything really, except mine…forge…and drink.

Life in the caverns has taken it’s toll on their physiology as well. They trade low-light vision to an aversion to the brightness of the sun. Whenever they do tread outside of the darkness, they are forced to wear special UV goggles that block out most of the light.

While they aren’t necessarily prejudice, they don’t really get along well with anyone. This is mostly because they spent years only interacting with people of their own race. But, give them enough ale, then they can become quite pleasant.

Squatto ply their trade like anyone else, and have many shops in port towns and islands. But of course, since their minerals are only found inside their caves, the price can be quite steep.


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