Tears of a Princess

A Tempest!!

There’s a strange tempest off on the horizon, and it’s worrying everyone in the Northern waters of the Horizon, especially the Captain and Maiden of the Galleon TIARA.

While on Sapphire Island, an odd residue is discovered in a fresh water puddle.

When a new storm breaks out mysteriously and very suddenly, the residents on Sapphire Island find shelter…and unexpected guests in the crew of the TIARA.

In the middle of the night, strange ooze-like creatures attack and attempt to drag off young maidens into the ocean.

After a brave battle, it was discovered that all but three were saved from an unknown fate, and several Typpn crew members suffered a burning corruption on the area where The Mark of the Princess happens to be on their skin. Al’ithar carved the mark into the corruption using a blessed blade which caused the corruption to crumble, offering a cure.

Zoe and Miranda seem to be very disturbed by recent events, and endeavor to travel to the North Temple of the Princess of Waves. Ori will accompany the TIARA to the temple and help retrieve those lost that evening, while a small band of crew members stay behind to protect the island.



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