Scattered Isles

The Scattered Isles are a cluster of small islands to the South East of Sapphire Island. It’s the closest settlement to your home, and one of the largest in this stretch of the Eastern Horizon.

While the Islands themselves are quite small, some no larger then 20 square feet, there is a large community of people living in the area, and has a thriving Mercantile economy. How do they manage this? Sprouting from the solid ground is an intricate system of elevated structures, some several levels high, all interconnected with ladders, lines, and rope bridges.

The people who live here are very agile, and have a strong balance. They often make excellent sailors because of these traits, and you will usually see at least one Pirate vessel from the “Servants of Princess” docked in search of able bodied men and women to join their cause. With nothing but water surrounding them, and no land or structures to block it, the glare from the sun is almost blinding to the residents here. This has drastically influenced fashion and custom. Veils, blinders, and shades are word from sun up to sunset, long, thick hair is kept by those who can grow it, and when crossing a bridge in oncoming traffic it is custom to carry a short staff and knock repeatedly on the wood as you pass. In fact, if you do not do so, it is considered quite an offence.

While there are communities of nearly all of the major religions, the most dominant in the Scattered Isles is Armora, mostly because of the blinding nature of the sun’s rays, but also because there is very little land to observe The Great Turtle.

Scattered Isles

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