Palm and Boulder

Palm and Boulder – Island Carpentress and Mason (Boon: +2 Repair)

Palm and Boulder are the father/daughter mason and carpentress on Sapphire Island, and they live together on the second floor of their workshop. Palm’s mother died in childbirth, and local gossip has it that after 16 years her father has finally started dating again. Nearly everything constructed on the island, from shelters to tools to weapons, have come from these two.

Boulder is not as rough as his name might imply. Although a rather large and burly man, he has a large heart and is a bit of a softie. Often times his daughter has weaseled her way out of trouble by tugging at his heartstrings in one way or another. He is always willing to help someone in need which can often come to the detriment of the business, as he usually forgets to ask for reimbursement. According to local gossip, he is harboring a secret love for Dr. Minnow. Of course, due to the gossip tree, she is the only one on the island who doesn’t know.

Palm on the other hand, is all business when it comes to the shop. If her father should forget to ask for payment, you can believe she will muscle her way in to demand it. That’s not to say she is unpleasant, in fact many of the islanders are quite fond of her, especially the young Finn. She is just as soft in heart as her father, though she tries her best to hide is. She prides herself on her strength and skill, caring little for anything else, and often times loses herself in her work. She does have one weakness…sweets. On more than one occasion, she has agreed to barter for baskets of warm melon tarts.

Palm and Boulder

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