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Welcome to the Eastern Horizon

The world as they know it is a world of ocean and islands scattered all about the waves. Beyond the Eastern Horizon, they have only heard tales. The many islands and their peoples are self governed, and united by no king or ruler. Although there are several gems and minerals of high value, economy and business is based entirely on trade.

Although weapons exist, they are a very small portion of trade as the seas and islands are peaceful and have no enemies. The majority of trade is centered on gems and minerals, spices and produce, game, and on some islands even songs or an engaging tale of adventure. The most popular weapons of the day are ranged weapons, those used for hunting. Bladed weapons are almost entirely created for sport (fencing being the most popular) or pirating.

Clothing is used sparcely given the tropical climate and varies from island to island. While most islands care little for modesty and are more concerned with comfort, others are extremely prudish and refuse to trade with any visitor who is not fully clothed head to foot. Furthermore, the material clothing is made of also varies from island to island. While some prefer hides, others prefer silks, although most are quite content with woven grasses as they allow the body to breathe the best.

Wildlife on the islands are scarce, and for the most part consist of wild pigs, dogs, birds, and antlered game. Although on some islands, where the wood is thick and the rock rises high above the water, there are whispers of stranger things hiding within.


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