Dewey – Island Librarian and Postman (Boon: +2 to all Knowledge)

Old man Dewey tends to the library and postal services on the island. His specially trained albatross can be sent to any island in the Eastern Horizon…of course, it does take some time. He doesn’t mind, however. He is quite content in reading and dusting the shelves of the island library while waiting for a package or letter.

At the end of each month, Dewey orders, receives, and adds another book to the library to keep it fresh, trading it for older editions and unread texts. If there is anything that can’t be found or made on the island, he is the one to talk to.

He likes to tell stories of his youth, how he was a scholar and professor in the greatest library in the Eastern Horizon. Although it is entirely possible, he is quite knowledgeable, his claim of visiting the libraries of a city in the belly of a giant whale, put all other tales into question. This is only further supported by his forgetful and absent minded nature.


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